Our Managed Digital Workspace service gives your people everything they need to work securely from any location.

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    & infrastructure

    24/7/365 monitoring, alerting, incident remediation, and maintenance for all your network, storage, and compute infrastructure.

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      Completely outsource your first or second line service desk functions to our team of in-house technical experts.

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        Total threat detection, prevention, and response designed to protect you, your people, and your organisation.

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          We offer a full range of infrastructure solutions that can be tailored to suit your organisation’s specific requirements.

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            Public Cloud

            Quadris Public Cloud provides a simple, scalable public cloud service but with much greater emphasis on security, data integrity, and support. 

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              An industry-leading monitoring solution that maintains the health and performance of your IT network with ease and clarity.

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                Find out more about digital workspaces, networking, data centres, security, and our other professional services.

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                  Quadris is a registered supplier and approved partner on the most important UK public sector buying framework.

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                    Access the Quadris support portal to create a new remote support session with a member of our service desk team.

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                      We're always on the lookout for exceptional individuals that have a desire to learn and to deliver outstanding service.

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                        The place for existing customers to access and manage their entire account and all interactions with the Quadris team.

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                          A variety of technical articles authored by our internal team of technical experts and covering a wide range of subjects.

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                            Discover why some of our most valuable customers chose Quadris to deliver a wide range of IT and professional services.

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                                  Infrastructure Solutions

                                  On-premise, hosted, public or private cloud - the choice is yours

                                  Your organisation relies on a range of infrastructure services to support everything from essential desktop computing, through to centrally hosted apps, telephone systems, shared file storage, websites, and more. 

                                  Some of these services are required to remain on-premise, but many can be moved off-site or into a public or private cloud. The question is which solution is right for you? 

                                  The answer depends entirely on the needs of your organisation, which is why we have a range of solutions that can be tailored to suit your organisation’s specific requirements. 

                                  We have extensive experience of:

                                  • Installing on-premise HCI infrastructures 
                                  • Migrating existing on-premise infrastructures into secure data centres 
                                  • Deploying new single tenancy hosted infrastructures  
                                  • Providing the tools and support to deploy public cloud solutions


                                  How do our solutions compare?

                                  We offer three distinct infrastructure services, all of which can be complimented by our Managed Services, but how do these compare to the DIY approach of the leading public cloud providers? 


                                  Keep your infrastructure on site, with the option of having it remotely managed by our team.

                                  Fixed annual price

                                  Guaranteed speed

                                  Flexible upgrades

                                  Single tenancy

                                  Ideal for

                                  Legacy systems

                                  Office phone system

                                  File server



                                  Infrastructure owned by you but hosted in a private data centre and managed by our team. 

                                  Fixed annual price

                                  Low latency networks

                                  Off-site location

                                  Single tenancy

                                  Ideal for


                                  Hosted Windows apps

                                  File storage



                                  Quadris' own secure public cloud offering, allowing you to dial up/down your requirements as needed.

                                  Pay-as-you go pricing

                                  Phone/email support

                                  No data transfer costs

                                  Managed Service option

                                  Ideal for

                                  Virtual Machines

                                  File storage

                                  Data-rich databases


                                  Explore Public Cloud


                                  Public cloud deployment offered by leading providers, but managed entirely by your team.

                                  Pay-as-you-go pricing

                                  Online help only

                                  Large ingress/egress costs

                                  Expensive to outsource

                                  Ideal for

                                  Static CMS website

                                  Single page web apps

                                  Shared development


                                  Technican in server room 2000x500

                                  Free-up IT resources


                                  By allowing our Managed Digital Workspace service to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to supplying and supporting your remote workforce, it frees up your internal IT team so that they can concentrate on their core work.


                                  Increase productivity


                                  When your people have the latest equipment, it makes them feel valued and makes them more productive. Our continual maintenance, updating, and monitoring ensures that equipment always operates at peak performance, so your people work most effectively.


                                  Reduce your costs


                                  It’s quite simply the easiest and safest way to budget for IT equipment. For a single monthly fee per user, you can rest assured that both the equipment and your people are in the safest of hands, leaving your internal IT free to concentrate on maintaining your essential systems and services.


                                  Secure all your devices


                                  We place great emphasis on the strength and effectiveness of our security elements. Powered by a combination of market leading vendor solutions from VMware and Cisco, it ensures that your people are as secure from viruses and external threats when working remotely as if they were in the office.

                                  Go hybrid!


                                  We offer a range of infrastructure solutions because no two clients are the same. For some, we install on-premise infrastructure, others choose our Hosted service, while some clients prefer to move all their services to the highly scalable Quadris Public Cloud. 

                                  However, for most of our clients, we take a hybrid approach of placing their systems where it makes most sense. By choosing a combination of on-site, hosted and in the cloud, they can maximise the efficiencies of each individual area while ensuring that their IT landscape as a whole operates with seamless efficiency. 


                                  Seamless data migration


                                  When preparing to upgrade your infrastructure, relocate to a new datacentre, or make the transition to a cloud-based platform, one of the areas of greatest concern is migrating mission-critical data. In order to achieve a successful migration with no costly downtime and no long-term problems, it’s crucial to avoid the problems of corrupted, lost, or misplaced data, and any compatibility issues.  

                                  Which is why at Quadris we follow a detailed data migration plan that covers the selection, preparation, extraction, transformation, and transfer of your data in the correct form and quality. The aim is always to deliver a faultless migration that results in little or no disruption to the smooth running of your organisation’s day-to-day operations. 



                                  Retain control with EyeQ


                                  You will have complete control of every aspect of your IT landscape courtesy of Quadris’ world-beating management portal EyeQ.   

                                  Through EyeQ’s intuitive interface, you can see exactly how all your systems and services are performing at any time with complete clarity.

                                  EyeQ achieves this by gathering together all the information and then channelling it into a series of high-level dashboards. As a result, you are presented with a detailed, real-time overview of every aspect of the ongoing performance of your IT infrastructure. 


                                  Upgrade to a fully Managed Service


                                  With our Managed Service option, we take full responsibility for overseeing all your IT systems and services, leaving you able to concentrate on your core work. 

                                  It frees up your IT team’s time from critical support tasks that require specialist expertise in order to deliver end results, quickly, securely, and reliably. 

                                  You also avoid the cost and time it takes to learn and operate specialist IT service management tools, while automatically benefitting from the expertise of skilled IT professionals instead of trying to attract and retain them directly. 

                                  Furthermore, you gain the benefits of enterprise-class technologies that underpin our services instead of having to make the decisions about what is the right technology to invest in. 

                                  Support guy

                                  Look who's using our Infrastructure solutions

                                  Over the years, we have successfully implemented different infrastructure solutions for numerous clients. Take a look at the success stories below and discover for yourself the different ways that we have met the individual needs of clients of different sizes and sectors. 

                                  Get in touch

                                  Find out how our infrastucture solutions can aid your business. Get in touch today, we will be happy to hear from you.