Our Managed Digital Workspace service gives your people everything they need to work securely from any location.

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    & infrastructure

    24/7/365 monitoring, alerting, incident remediation, and maintenance for all your network, storage, and compute infrastructure.

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      Completely outsource your first or second line service desk functions to our team of in-house technical experts.

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        Total threat detection, prevention, and response designed to protect you, your people, and your organisation.

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          We offer a full range of infrastructure solutions that can be tailored to suit your organisation’s specific requirements.

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            Public Cloud

            Quadris Public Cloud provides a simple, scalable public cloud service but with much greater emphasis on security, data integrity, and support. 

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              An industry-leading monitoring solution that maintains the health and performance of your IT network with ease and clarity.

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                Find out more about digital workspaces, networking, data centres, security, and our other professional services.

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                  Quadris is a registered supplier and approved partner on the most important UK public sector buying framework.

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                    remote access

                    Access the Quadris support portal to create a new remote support session with a member of our service desk team.

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                      We're always on the lookout for exceptional individuals that have a desire to learn and to deliver outstanding service.

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                        The place for existing customers to access and manage their entire account and all interactions with the Quadris team.

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                          A variety of technical articles authored by our internal team of technical experts and covering a wide range of subjects.

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                            Discover why some of our most valuable customers chose Quadris to deliver a wide range of IT and professional services.

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                                  Managed Cloud & Infrastructure

                                  24/7/365 monitoring, alerting, incident remediation, maintenance for all your network, storage and compute infrastructure, be it on-premise, private or public cloud. All supported by our UK-based team of security cleared engineers.


                                  Delivered by experts


                                  Our UK-based, security-vetted experts are specialists across multiple fields of technology, vendor products, and solutions. All our people undergo ongoing personal development plans mapped to multiple technical specialisations. Coupled with many years of hands-on experience, it ensures that we always deliver the highest possible levels of reliability, security, and resolution effectiveness.

                                  We also operate highly effective collaboration and teamworking practices. This ensures that the complex problems are tackled by multi-skilled teams working together, rather than relying on a single individual to know everything - something that is impossible in the ever-changing world of technology.

                                  As a quality focused organisation, we never rest on our laurels. We continually improve our abilities based on feedback from clients combined with the real-world experience we gain every single day of our working lives.

                                  Service Benefits

                                  • Focus your time on more strategic technology adoption.

                                  • Extend the scale and expertise of your team.

                                  • Avoid investing and learning the specialist tools required to deliver effective IT service management.

                                  • Let our team of specialists remove the challenge of attracting and retaining internal IT support staff.

                                  • Ensure effective adoption of future-focused technologies to support your business and people.

                                  • Adopt the rigor of ITIL IT service Management procedures to deliver better service.

                                  • Hit your expected availability and service level goals, all day, every day.

                                  • Meet the challenge of today's advanced security threat vectors.

                                  Managed Cloud & Infrastructure Service Features

                                  Our managed cloud & infrastructure service features:


                                  24/7/365 monitoring and automated alerting powered by Prevensys

                                  Incident response and remediation

                                  Routine maintenance scheduled to meet your patching policy

                                  Disaster Recovery testing built in

                                  Backup and replication service monitoring and management

                                  Next generation anti-virus and security management

                                  Fully traceable change management and configuration management

                                  Enterprise class leading management tools

                                  Comprehensive Service Level Agreements

                                  EyeQ IT Service Management Platform

                                  Our Managed Cloud &  Infrastructure Service includes the following services and solutions:


                                  Advanced ransomware monitoring and alerting.

                                  Advanced ransomware threat prevention.

                                  Data encryption at rest.

                                  Next generation firewall and intrusion detection / prevention (Cisco and Sonicwall).

                                  Micro-segmentation technology.

                                  Event log management.

                                  All managed by our technical service personnel who are security checked and cleared to UK national security standards.




                                  24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring and Alerting Features


                                  Prevensys is our own monitoring and alerting system we built based on years of working with other solutions and needing a better solution that enabled faster diagnostic capabilities across the entire network stack.


                                  • Reduces mean time resolution by up to 95%
                                  • A single pane of glass IT monitoring solution that delivers the complete picture
                                  • A comprehensive and high-level dashboard presents a truly holistic overview of all the systems, devices, traffic, and applications in your IT infrastructure
                                  • Continually monitors and logs the health of your system and delivers alerts in the event of any critical incidents – 24/7/365
                                  • Specialist end user performance diagnostic capability to help identify end user performance issues armed just with their username
                                  • Designed to work for organisations of all sizes and sectors and can be instantly scaled up or down to match the changing requirements of your IT estate


                                  More than just a monitoring system Prevensys provides you with vision and peace of mind.



                                  Frequently Asked Questions

                                  "Prevensys not only presents me with a detailed overview of the day-to-day health of our IT infrastructure, it also enables me to drill down in order to quickly identify and resolve issues at the click of my mouse."
                                  Kim Nielsen
                                  IT Group Manager
                                  "We have found all Quadris support personnel extremely helpful, technically superb (they have experts in all fields to hand), approachable and ever willing to work through issues to fully resolve them. In addition, Prevensys has been invaluable in troubleshooting performance bottlenecks and aiding identification of areas in our infrastructure that may need optimisation or remediation."
                                  Seamus French
                                  Principal Engineering Manager
                                  7 min read

                                  7 steps that will ensure your new distributed workforce stays connected, productive, and secure.

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                                  5 critical security elements of our Managed Digital Workspace

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