Hybrid Infrastructure

Our hybrid cloud solutions combine the benefits of public cloud infrastructure services and on-premise solutions, in order to meet your organization's requirements for scalability, cost, security, availability, and ease of use.
We can help you navigate through the complexity of solution design, and choice of public cloud provider in order to meet your organizational goals.

Digital Workspaces

Digital workspace technologies enable and empower your people to work securely, anywhere, and on any device; unifying your content and conversations in one shared trusted space.

Moving beyond the confines of the office, they empower distributed teams to work more effectively together no matter where they work. Furthermore, they allow for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives should these offer potential and benefit your organization.



Quadris delivers scalable, secure, and intelligent network solutions that address and overcome the challenges faced by the organization of today.

We also find answers to the problems faced by many organizations whose networks have evolved into complex environments with a mix of wired and wireless technologies, multiple management systems, and different network operating systems. Through careful planning and intelligent solutions, we are able to assist these organizations negotiate the maze of legacy infrastructure and enable them to maintain and onboard new devices.

Software Defined Data Centre


Today’s enterprise CIOs/CTOs face the challenge of shifting to what is called "everything as a service" in order to deliver secure, mobile, scalable services to their people, customers, and suppliers - wherever they may be. Budgets and economic challenges don’t allow for a “rip and replace” approach and 100% public cloud is rarely a feasible or economically viable solution.

Enter the Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC). The SDDC uses software to isolate the delivery of applications and IT services from the hardware layer, while offering greater choice of what technology to use for the underlying host infrastructure. We believe the SDDC approach is key to paving the way for future agility, cost efficiency, scalability, and security.


Software Defined Network

The Software Defined Network (SDN) is the future of networking that will enable you to meet the ever-evolving needs of your organization. SDN overcomes the increasing network complexity that is driven by new technologies, end point devices, and applications, that all live increasingly in multiple locations.

Using open protocols, this centralized approach to network management applies globally aware software control by abstracting the creation of networks from the underlying physical hardware.

SDN enables on-demand provisioning, automated load balancing, embedded security and the streamlining of physical infrastructure – all without the need for any modification of applications.



Our security solutions take a comprehensive and holistic approach in order to provide protection and peace of mind across your network, data, applications, and devices. As a result, they play a critical role in supporting your organization’s governance and compliance regulations such as ISO27001 and PCI-DSS.

From solution design and implementation, to ongoing security monitoring and response, we can provide the service to meet your individual compliance requirements exactly.

Quadris Professional Services

You can rest assured your project is in safe hands when you employ Quadris and our in-house team of highly experienced technical consultants and engineers.
We work in the most regulated, demanding environments; designing, installing, and optimizing data centre infrastructures and networks - across on-premise, hybrid and public cloud environments.

You can trust us to work independently or closely integrated with your own team and third parties, to achieve successful project delivery.  Whether you need to move, upgrade, replace, migrate or optimize performance, you can rely on Quadris to get the job done.